Datum objave: 23. 04. 2018.

95% of Respondents Satisfied with Temporary Employment

  • 85% feel that they are treated like permanent staff
  • One in three temporary workers appreciate rapid entry into the working world
  • Temporary employment also helps people re-enter the working world
  • Amendments to the German Act on Temporary Employment viewed

with skepticism


The majority of temporary workers in Germany view their current form of employment positively. These were the findings of an anonymous employee survey conducted by the DEKRA Arbeit Group among over 1,000 of its temporary employees aged between 18 and 65 working in Germany. Around 95% of the respondents are satisfied with their current form of employment – and one in three are even very satisfied (36%).


In particular, the job situation and a sense of inclusion at the client firm play a key role when staff personally evaluate their work. 59% of the temporary staff surveyed said they had a positive relationship with the permanent employees at the client firm. Personal appreciation in the workplace was also positive for the most part: 85% have the feeling that they are treated the same way as other staff members.


“In some cases, temporary employment is considered less attractive or even seen as a precarious form of employment by the general public. This is entirely unjustified because the results show how good our employees feel and also show that they greatly appreciate their job and the associated opportunities on the job market,” said Suzana Bernhard, Managing Director of the DEKRA Arbeit Group.


Reasons for working as a temporary employee

The personal reasons for working as a temporary employee are extremely diverse. In particular, many former jobseekers saw the good opportunities to enter or re-enter the working world as a key criterion. One in four respondents (27%) made use of temporary employment to restart their careers after being unemployed. Another 9% went back to work in this way after taking a break for family reasons or due to an illness.

The professional variety and flexibility that temporary employment offers are also seen as another major advantage. Around 22% of respondents relied on temporary employment while looking for the right job.


Impact of new legal regulations

The temporary employees who took part in this survey were rather skeptical about the German Act on Temporary Employment (Arbeitnehmerüberlassungsgesetz) amended on April 1, 2017. 78% have not felt any personal changes so far. But almost one in three expect the situation to develop negatively in the future (31%). Only 13% of temporary workers believe it will have a positive impact.


In particular, the statutory maximum loan period of 18 months drew a lot of criticism from over half of the respondents (53%). Almost 39% even expect this regulation to be disadvantageous for them as temporary workers.


“Once again, the results of our employee survey show how far the new regulations are from the reality on the HR services market. For the majority of our temporary workers, this maximum loan period is incomprehensible, undesired and disadvantageous,” said Suzana Bernhard.


Expectations of temporary workers are fulfilled

Overall, HR services remain a real professional alternative for workers. Almost all respondents (96%) believe that the expectations they had before taking up temporary work have been fulfilled. And almost 85% of the employees surveyed would also recommend their current form of employment to others. Suzana Bernhard: “The reliable, collaborative and trustful partnership with our customers and employees has always been a key success factor for the DEKRA Arbeit Group. And the latest survey confirms that we are still on the right track.”


The DEKRA Arbeit Group was also awarded the “Largest Staffing Firms in Germany 2017” seal of quality as “Germany’s Customer Champion.” In addition, the Group also won the title of “TOP HR Service Provider” in Focus Magazine and enjoys a “very high degree of customer trust” according to a customer review by Wirtschaftswoche. 


Further information on the DEKRA Arbeit Group

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